We all know that children can be unpredictable, no matter how much planning goes into an event or an outing, something will happen which we didn’t cater for. 
Today we bravely decided while we were out shopping with the girls that we would have lunch in the restaurant of the garden centre. 

It seemed relatively simple, our eldest was ready for it, as were myself and my husband, and our baby wasn’t due her feed for another hour. Timing couldn’t be more perfect! 

Yet, we were dealing with two small children, we should have known better. 
We could not have predicted that our baby would suddenly develop a dislike to high chairs and uncharacteristically scream as loudly as possible while I was alone with them. 
At the same time, we could not have predicted that our eldest would suddenly develop a pretend cry and try to out-scream her sister, again, something she has never, ever done. 
We were the family in that restaurant with the loud children that received the pitying stares from other customers, something which, after the lovely, playful morning we’d had, I could not have predicted. 
We could not have known that our toddler would need a nappy change right in the middle of lunch, while our food was still nice and hot, and we could not have known that today would be the first day in months that the changing bag would be accidentally left in the car. 
All these things are unexpected, yet expected when any of us dare do anything with babies that involves us leaving the house. 
However, at the same time, we could not have predicted that our toddler would be the one to tell us that her nappy was full and ask for it to be changed; something which, whilst on the slow road towards toilet training is quite a remarkable achievement. 
We could also not have seen the new words and phrases which would be coming out of her mouth. We asked her a question to which her reply was, ‘I don’t know.’ My husband looked at me with a surprised expression and asked me had she said that before. Of course, I think he could tell by my expression that she hadn’t. 
Yes, babies are unpredictable, and yes, things happen that we don’t expect, but when I reflect on today it strikes me that everything we didn’t know would happen, good or bad, is shaping who these little girls are. 

And the situations we found ourselves in that didn’t make us smile at the time certainly made myself and my husband smile when we spoke about them at the end of the day. 
I would say that no matter what happens, how much pride, joy or embarrassment we feel during a given situation, embrace it! 
And laugh things off. 
Many of those people in that restaurant may have been there themselves and we may have made them remember their own unpredictable children. 
But looking back on today, the unpredictable instances that were ‘good’ far outweigh the ones that made us cringe. 
Our children make us proud. They are funny, noisy, caring, mischievous, loving and yes, unpredictable. I have realised that every day is different, every day is wonderful and myself and my husband, we are going to try and embrace the unpredictability of each new day!

Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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