Baby cuddles! :)

Last night I fed my baby to sleep. Yes, I know, it’s against everything the baby experts tell us and could have potentially undone all the work we had put in to get her to self-soothe, but she needed me and I couldn’t resist. It’s all very well following ‘the rules’, and it’s easier said than done to stick rigidly to every routine when it comes to bringing up children. Try as we might, sometimes even what we are told is best for them, isn’t. We had done everything right, our bedtime hour for her and her sister had consisted of bath, feed and story. We said our prayers, sang some songs and put them both in their cots. Ten minutes later, one girl was asleep, the other was screaming. I tried to bring up her wind again, that wasn’t the problem, she was just upset. The usual conundrum was running around my head. Do I pick her up, or leave her to cry? Is she crying with tiredness or because she doesn’t want to be left alone? Will it upset her routine if I pick her up? All the usual questions whenever she is unsettled. But when she pushed herself up on her arms, looked at me with big, beautiful, sad eyes and her little bottom lip curled downwards, I threw all of those questions out of my head and just picked my baby up for cuddles. Sometimes, the rules don’t matter. Sometimes, we can tell what they need more than the baby books can and sometimes, little babies just want their mummies! She cried for only five minutes but it was too long. I held her, I fed her, and I watched her fall asleep. I was what my baby needed and I’m glad I listened to my heart. And do you know what? She can still get herself to sleep and her routine has not been affected. I treasure last night’s cuddles and I’m happy I broke ‘the rules’. 🙂


Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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