‘Get him a tissue’

Today, we watched Disney’s ‘The Lion King’. When I say ‘watched’, usually it means that my two-year-old likes to see all the animals in the opening sequence and then loses interest. We have yet to actually watch it as she is so young. Today, however, after the first song was over she carried on looking. She learnt more character names and was asking questions, then she lost interest for a while but it continued to play and then she regained interest again at the point of Mufasa’s death. She looked at Simba crying and it upset her. She told me he was crying, pointed to her own eyes and said ‘get him tissue’. I agreed that he needed one. She then smiled and said, ‘he better now’, as in her own head, that tissue that had wiped away his tears had made everything else ok. She could see nothing but the obvious and knew that once that was sorted he would be better. Obviously children her age cannot see nor understand about emotional wounds, and to her, the answer to what was visibly wrong was to get him a tissue. It got me thinking about how much she had yet to learn and about how much I didn’t want her to lose that innocence. But it also got me thinking about God. In Matthew’s Gospel it says, ‘unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven’. (Matthew 18:2) I know this can mean humility, purity and innocence, but it made me think today of complete and utter trust in The Lord that everything is going to be ok. Children don’t worry about things because they don’t have to. They are hungry, someone feeds them, they hurt themselves, someone makes it better and for the most part they can get on with their lives knowing cuts will be mended and messes will be cleaned up. Maybe this is an example of how we are supposed to be with God, our Heavenly Father. What if we stopped worrying about everything and put our trust in Him, letting Him be the one to clean up and mend things and heal us when we hurt? Instead of trying to do everything ourselves, what if we let Him take the lead? It can be difficult, especially in today’s world, so much can and does go wrong. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing that God cannot fix. So why don’t we let him? Maybe we could try to be more childlike and depend on Him rather than ourselves. Maybe we could see things the way children do and have complete faith and trust in the one who cares for us. And maybe if we need Him and if we let him, God may just ‘get us a tissue’ and everything will be alright!

Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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