Yesterday, I took my little girl to her swimming lesson. Afterwards, while walking home we went past some college/university students sitting at the bus-stop. I suddenly had a flashback to when I was seventeen years old. 
I clearly remember studying at college and thinking about my future and my dreams back then always became clearer every time I saw a woman walk by with a pram; I wanted to be a wife and mother. 
Now, that’s not to say that I wanted it right away, I didn’t. I wanted to study, to work, maybe to travel, all of which I did as well but the one thing that I couldn’t ever push from my mind was the fact that I really wanted to have children. 
With friends around me sharing their dreams of being on the stage, of working in glamorous salons or in fashion, my goal seemed fairly simple. 
Other people’s dream careers of working as lawyers, nurses or joining the army made my little ‘ideal’ come across as pretty ordinary, after all, so many people do it. Not only that, so many people become parents at the same time as fulfilling life-long dreams in their chosen career, and that is a wonderful achievement. 
But thinking ahead into my future, no matter what it was career-wise that I ended up doing, I could only see ‘wife and mother’ as my ultimate goal.  

When I was in my mid-twenties and single I would tell myself that maybe it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t, that maybe it wasn’t my life’s path to be a mother and I used to wonder what would happen in the future. 
However, it was always in the back of my mind and now that I am married with two gorgeous girls, I know that I was born for this. 
I have always been happy, I have always considered myself very lucky to be in a job that I actually enjoy. Working with small children over the years has been the most rewarding job I ever could have hoped for, well, until now! And I can’t pretend that I don’t get a lot from it. 
However, as I was walking past those students yesterday I began to wonder what their hopes for the future were, what their ambitions were and did they ever see anybody walking past embracing a certain lifestyle or wearing a certain uniform that they could maybe see themselves becoming in ten years’ time? 
Then it struck me; I was the woman that my seventeen year old self had wanted to be. I was living the kind of life that I’d always wanted and always envisioned when I was younger. 
In actual fact, I was living my dream!  

It may not have been a very ambitious or wild dream, but I was still living it. 

I want to tell my girls that whatever their dream is when they’re older, whatever ambitions they may have, no matter how big they are or how simple they seem, I am living proof that, with Our Lord’s guidance, whatever desire is deep in your heart, it can come true.

Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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