Puddle Jumping

imageYesterday evening, after a busy day full of fun, laughter, household jobs, tears, tantrums and physical exhaustion, my two-year-old did something that really made me smile.

My husband had vouchers for a local restaurant that were due to expire in a few days so we took advantage of them and went out for our tea. 
Our children did not misbehave, they just behaved like children, but in a public place we always become more aware of how noisy, funny and messy our girls can be. 
Luckily the restaurant was pretty quiet but I still felt shattered trying to constantly tidy up messes, entertain inquisitive toddlers and quieten them down when needed. 
It’s as if the thoughts of complete strangers are at the forefront of my mind whenever we’re out and about with our girls. 
We had a lovely meal in the end but we were tired and looking forward to going home.
Once outside, our eldest dropped her drink on the floor. Her immediate response was disappointment. 
‘Oh no!’ she cried, ‘I can’t drink it anymore’. 
There was nothing left, the entire contents had spilled. 
Within seconds of me picking it up, her attitude changed completely. 
She looked at the puddle….. And jumped into it. ‘Yay!’ she now squealed, ‘I made a puddle!’ 
I stopped and looked at her, not able to hide my laughter. It was a beautiful thing to behold.
I sometimes wish I could look at the world through the eyes of a child; innocently, with no fear of showing emotion and best of all, able to forget disappointment/sadness/frustration and make the best of a given situation. 
As adults we worry about an awful lot, what people think of us, what will happen in the future, trying to make everyone happy. 
Well, that little two-year-old girl has completely the right attitude, one which I wish I could replicate. 
I worried for no reason in that restaurant, people were very accommodating and only had lovely things to say about our family. I could and should have just enjoyed the experience more. 
And when bad things do happen, which they inevitably will, I’m going to try and jump straight in and splash in the puddles that I make.

Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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