Happy Anniversary!!

It’s our wedding anniversary today, we’ve been married for four years. 

In some ways it seems like yesterday, in others it feels as if we’ve been married for much longer. 
The beautiful day is still fresh in my memory, and the life we have shared since is still growing strong. 

We have two beautiful children, two little girls who are just amazing. I feel happy everyday, yes, even through the temper tantrums, the sleep issues, the mess, all of that, despite temporary feelings of frustration or tiredness, the happiness is constant. 

And the other thing is that whenever I see my husband love them, it makes me fall in love with him all over again! I’m not saying each day is easy, of course it’s not, children are hard work. But I think we make a good team and so far, we are doing ok.

So what happens when I feel like I need a break? What happens when, at the back of my mind, I miss being my old self? 

There are times when these thoughts are quickly dismissed, when feelings of guilt push them away and tell me that my life now cannot be that way anymore. But really, I don’t agree. I think it’s ok to sometimes miss the old life, the life that meant myself and my husband could just do whatever or go wherever we wanted. And I don’t think it makes us bad parents to have these thoughts. 
We have so many good memories of our time before children and we do allow ourselves to reminisce, to talk about them and even to miss them. 

And the other thing, we make time for ourselves! 
Last weekend, we went away, we left our children with our parents and we went and stayed in a hotel, just the two of us. 

Now, we love our children, and we love taking them places and sharing life with them, but they can be exhausting. Not just when they’re cranky or tired, but every normal day can still be tiring, just because of the work that is involved in raising little ones. 

Every now and again, we need time away to recharge, time to reconnect with each other which ultimately strengthens our relationship and makes us happier and refreshed as parents. Not to mention the excitement we feel when we’re on our way home, about to see our babies again. But just for those twenty-four hours, or in the case of a date night, maybe three or four, it’s just about the two of us, and I love it!
Yes, we love being parents, yes, we love our girls, but we also love each other, and I believe a marriage has to be worked at everyday. So we take time out and go for meals, go for walks, and once in a while we go away together. 
Our relationship is too important and our children are too important to not give it the attention it deserves. I truly believe that the stronger we are, the better parents we will be. 
Happy anniversary to my one true love! And, God willing, may we have many more.


Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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