I am a mummy

So, it’s official, my eldest little girl turned three yesterday. We have had her with us for THREE WHOLE YEARS! Which in some ways has gone quickly but I can not imagine my life without her.

I used to live with just my husband when we first got married.
Just my husband? 
What did we do all day? What did we talk about? 
I’m pretty sure that we didn’t appreciate the freedom of going out ten seconds after deciding to, or eating and drinking hot food/drinks when we fancied. We even went to bed when we wanted and (at weekends) got out of bed when we wanted. 
And I cannot even picture it, it was a lifetime ago.

But I’m also certain that I didn’t know unconditional love like I do now. I may have thought I did, especially with my wonderful man, but I didn’t. 

I didn’t know a love so fierce and so powerful that it lifts you on high when things are going well and reduces you to a nervous, emotional wreck when they’re not, and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to protect your child from anything or anyone that could hurt them. 
I didn’t understand the pure joy that comes from seeing your children happy, or the absolute heart full of pride when they succeed at something new. 
And we’re not talking huge things here, I mean lifting heads off the floor, sitting up, reaching out to grab a toy. 
At the moment using a knife and fork can reduce me to tears when the little hands grasping them are just three years old.

I have cried more since becoming a mummy, laughed more, worried more and lost my patience more. 
But the one thing I will say is, despite the huge responsibility it brings (I mean, I am actually in charge of these two little lives. I have to keep them physically alive, teach them certain skills and try and shape them into kind, caring little humans!!) and the fact that I have pretty much lost my house, I mean, the entire place is a playground for them, I’m hiding things that I used to just leave out on a daily basis, not to mention the tiredness that I would never have imagined feeling, the one thing that is undoubtedly true and that sounds so simple but it is so important is that I have never, ever in my life been happier than I feel when I’m with my two girls.

Forget the disruption, the busyness, the mess, the fact that I don’t shower every day anymore or manage to keep on top of the housework; the happiness that motherhood brings, the joy, the giddiness, the elation at times means that everything else is more than worth it. 
I feel happy more times than I don’t. 
These two little babies that are growing up before my very eyes bring so much joy, not just to us but to everyone they meet, it fills me with pride and makes me incredibly happy.

It’s true my life has changed, it’s true that we are different people now we have become parents. 
And I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Thank you my beautiful birthday girl for coming into our lives. Each day we love you and your sister more and more. 
Parenthood = amazing!

Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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