Another cold tea

My three-year-old (Miss C) ran into my bedroom first thing this morning asking me to open the bathroom door for her so she could go to the toilet. I did so and got back in bed. Then my eighteen-month-old (Miss A) woke up and I went to get her. After sorting things out upstairs we made our way downstairs and I made them some breakfast. I got my cup of tea and sat down, thinking that whilst they were both eating, I could have five minutes. I was wrong. Little miss A decided she’d had enough and stood up, letting her half-full porridge bowl topple to the floor. I grabbed the wipes and her hands. Miss C suddenly announced she needed another wee but couldn’t see her potty. It was upstairs. I left a messy, sticky baby half cleaned while I ran to get it. Miss C then got on the potty so I finished cleaning up the baby and the breakfast. I then placed the potty full of wee on the stairs while I sorted out the kitchen. I emptied the washing machine and began sorting out the washing, remembered my drink and went to get some. Miss A then filled her nappy. I grabbed her changing bag to quickly do her downstairs. Miss C needed another wee. I finished wiping but left little Miss A with no nappy on while I went to empty the potty and bring it back to Miss C. I then finished putting the nappy on, went back upstairs to empty the potty again and while I was there I got some more clothes to go in the machine. Once that was done I went to get my drink. It was cold!

Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

2 thoughts on “Another cold tea”

  1. I started using a travel mug to keep my coffee warm! Nothing is worse than coming back to a cold drink, and reheated just isn’t the same!

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