Singing in the rain 

IMG_2576 (2)The other day, another hot and sticky one, I was upstairs getting through a mountain of clean washing and my girls (much to my delight) were playing happily in Miss C’s bedroom. I knew that my job was days overdue and I was happy to finally be distraction-free.

Then the thunder started. Quite faintly at first but enough to make the girls stop what they were doing and run to me.

I don’t think they’ve ever really heard it before. Miss C said she was scared as she listened to it increase in volume.

I tried to distract them by telling them to listen to the raindrops instead. They were eagerly awaited on this particularly hot day and we went to the window to watch them fall.

The rain got gradually heavier and before long was making a tremendous noise on the rooftops and windows. I suggested we go to the front door to really see how heavy it was.

Once downstairs the three of us stood in the doorway holding our hands out to catch the raindrops.

My girls loved it!

Before long I was carrying them out in turn, holding them for a few seconds with their mouths open to catch the rain before running back inside again.

I can’t remember who actually had the idea to go outside, whether it was me or Miss C who suggested it.

Well, whoever it was, that’s what happened.

Umbrellas in hand and wellies on, we all went out into the front garden. The puddles were enormous, the rain heavier than ever and faint rumbles of thunder could still be heard in the distance.

I stood there watching my girls have an absolute ball!

They were jumping in puddles, holding their hands out to catch the raindrops, spinning around with their umbrellas and generally just having fun.

Little Miss A held her umbrella out to the side and let her hair get wet, while Miss C bent her knees and jumped into a puddle with both feet, making the water splash as high as her waist.

People were driving past in cars and I wondered what they must have thought of the picture they saw.

But I didn’t care.

I thoroughly enjoyed standing there and watching my two little girls in their shorts and their wellies having fun in the rain.

I didn’t have a camera on me, I don’t think it would have been a good idea using it in torrential rain anyway, but the memory of it will always be there. I will never forget the picture I saw and the noises I heard, the stamps and splashes, the giggles and squeals.

And the two girls didn’t care about a photograph anyway.

We weren’t outside more than ten minutes, a small portion of the day, but that’s the part that they remembered at bedtime. That’s what they told their daddy about when he came home from work.

Sometimes these things just happen. Opportunities just present themselves that you have to make the most of.

And you can’t always capture the moment with a picture.

Just before we came in from the rain, Miss C looked up at me with excited eyes and a great big smile, and she said,

“Mummy, I like thunder now!”

Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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