The worst/best day

​At the moment, we are living in slight chaos. 
My husband has just finished gutting, re-plastering and re-tiling the bathroom so we moved in with my mum and stayed there for two weeks. 

(Also the reason I have been neglecting my blog) 
We’re home now, but the house is upside down. 
We’re hoping to get the new bathroom floor fitted tomorrow but until we do, we can’t move the bathroom furniture back in, which is piled up in front of our wardrobes, which means we can’t unpack the clothes that we’ve just brought back from my mother’s and we also can’t put any washing away. 

It’s really just the knock on affect that happens whenever you decorate just one room. 
Last night I walked round taking pictures of the mess, the piles of washing, the bags, the carpet cleaner that we are intending to use on the landing once the bathroom floor is down, anything I could see that was out of the ordinary because I was going to write about it. 
I was smug. 
I was in a ‘I’m living in chaos but life is still wonderful’ mood and I was going to write about how mess doesn’t really matter when you have a nice family and a nice place to live. 

This morning it did matter. This morning I wasn’t happy and I certainly wasn’t calm. This morning I exploded. 
I sat looking at the mess around me and didn’t even know where to begin. 

There’s not really much we can do until we can get back into the bathroom properly and consequently our bedroom. But I wanted to do something to sort it out. Anything! 
My husband finished the last few bits upstairs, sealing the bath, cleaning the tiles (again) while I sat downstairs with the children and stewed. 
We couldn’t let them play as normal in the house because of the stuff in the hall, we couldn’t go in the garden because of the tools etc that my husband was using as he ran up and downstairs completing his jobs, so the girls and I sat, cooped up in our stuffy living room and my mood worsened. 
Eventually we all went upstairs and while the girls played in their bedroom, I went to talk with my husband. 
It didn’t go well. 
We were both so frustrated with how long it’s all taking, how we have been back home for three days but still not unpacked. How because of the bank holiday the place where we have bought our bathroom floor from has been closed. It all just got a bit too much. 
We argued but just kept going round in circles. There really was nothing we could do now and our impatience just got the better of us as we irrationally attacked the house and each other.

It was all a bit ridiculous, but at that moment in time, it mattered. 
(I even spelled, yes SPELLED out a swear word because I knew the girls could hear us. What is that about?) 
Eventually my husband, the sensible one, said that as there was nothing we could do today and that as the house was driving us mad, we should just go out.

So we did! 
And it turned out that we had the most beautiful day together and really calmed down. 

We all needed the fresh air and we all needed time together as a family without fighting and snapping at the children. It did us the world of good. 
We had lunch in a little farm first and then (some great timing) managed to watch some horses practice their show jumping. Their riders were only young teenagers, it was really nice to witness.

Then we drove to a little country park that we’ve never been to before and stayed there for hours. 
It had a children’s play area, an ice cream van, a beautiful lake, a little trail that led through gorgeous woodland. It was fantastic for the children. 

They played and ran, they climbed and raced and fell in the dirt, they jumped and laughed and got sticky ice lollies all over them, they had a fantastic time. 

My husband and I talked and apologised to one another. Taking time out of the mess and formulating a reasonably straight forward plan for the rest of the week helped put things back into perspective. 
When we came home, the house looked exactly the same, but different at the same time. We’d had chance to calm down and we do realise that it will all get done.


I am most certainly not proud of the way I acted this morning but at the same time I’m glad it happened. It resulted in a very impromptu day out with a very unplanned agenda. 
Sometimes they are the best kind. 

Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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