Birthday Girl

My darling little Miss A. I’ve just been in to look at you, sleeping so peacefully on the eve of your third birthday. I look at your little face and realise your babyness has gone. Before me lies a girl, not even a toddler but a little girl. With a leaner body and longer limbs. One who absolutely bounced into our lives with as much energy as she lives her life with now.

I think your sister, our little Miss C, eased us into parenthood quite nicely. A good sleeper, regular three-hourly feeds, as chilled out a baby as you could ever meet really. Then you came along and we had to be alert. I think we could recognise the mischief in you from the beginning.

You’re a daring, fun, infectious little character that literally makes us laugh every single day. Ok, so you don’t like sleep as much as your sister, even now, and you are so cheeky and cute, I think you know you get away with a lot just by flashing us that smile.
But you are also very caring and generous, we love to see how much you love your sister and how much affection you have for your family.

You keep us on our toes, that’s definitely true. Sometimes spending time with you is like a physical workout. You’re impulsive, creative, messy and love to be outdoors and in a way, you’re quite independent. But when you’re in a rare cuddly mood I secretly love it, because you still fit perfectly onto my knee and give the most delicious hugs.
I’m excited for tomorrow, because I know how excited you are. You’ve been asking for days and days if you’re ‘sree’ yet and tomorrow, you finally are!
I hope we can make your day as exciting as you are. I hope we shower you with laughter as you do us and I hope we keep up with your energy levels.

Most of all, I hope your day is filled with sunshine, because our lives have been, ever since you arrived three years ago.
You have brightened up our world, baby girl. And when we were worried about loving a second child with the same fierceness we experienced with our first, well, we needn’t have been. You brought extra love with you and when we first looked into those eyes we knew we had fallen again.

To our little whirlwind on her third birthday, we wish you a wonderful day with as much fun and laughter as you deserve.

Happy birthday, Miss A!
We love you more than you’ll ever know.

Author: catbf79

Mother of two, sharing thoughts and stories about the wonderful and crazy journey of motherhood.

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